Wide Brimmed Boater Fred Stripe

A simple boater never goes out of fashion.
The boater means a lot to me as a designer of Grosgrain, because this is the shape I made for the first sample for all the Grosgrain Collection about 8 years ago.

It is hard to find simple straw hat, but made of high quality material and by true craftsmanship.

It has a wide brim, so it can be great shade from sun light.

Multi coloured vintage ribbon adds whimsical, and fun mood to this hat.
Reminds me the movie, "Mary Poppins".

We have simple boater with black ribbon as well.

S 56cm
M 58cm
L 59cm

Width of the brim 7cm
Hight of the hat 9cm

Will be shipped from Japan by EMS.

$138(include tax)

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