Ribbon Hat Greta

Such an elegant hat all made in natural straw.
Tall crown with casablanca style curved brim. Big bow in the front makes this hat so iconic.
This hat just cannot be ignored, yet its presence doesn't stand out from your style.

Using high quality narrow, natural straw which is now hard to find in mass production.
Very comfortable to wear, long lasting material. The color gets darken and matures as time goes.

M 57cm
L 59cm

Hight of the hat 12cm
Width of the brim 10cm
Width of front ribbon 26cm

This hat is stiff and not foldable.

Designed by Mina Grosgrain and professionally made by Japanese craftsmanship.

*Please note*
Ready to ship in 1-2 days.
Shipping would be EMS, it takes about 4-5days to US, 7-14days to Europe, 2~3 days to China, 4-5days to rest of Asia and Oceania. It depends on customs.
(UK, especially it takes a while... about 2weeks to receive it from my experience)

$160(include tax)

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