Beauty in Simplicity.
Classic trilby hat made in high quality narrow straw braid.

Nowadays It is hard to find good quality straw hat in mass production.
We make these professionally each one by one by Japanese artisans handmade.

Natural straw is light, cool and comfortable to wear, as well as long lasting.

You can choose the ribbon color from;
Black and cream stripe, thin black, thin camel, wide Black, wide Beige, wide White, wide Grey, and wide Navy. If you would like to ask other colors, please message me.

Hight of the hat 13cm 5"
Width of the brim 4.5cm 2"

S 55cm
M 57cm
L 59cm
LL 64cm

Ready to ship in 1 week.
Free shipping world wide.

$108(include tax)

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